May 03


Why you should attend: Jobvite's 2011 survey indicated that 80.2% of U.S. companies are already using social media to recruit and another 8.7% of companies are planning to begin this year. The explosion in the use of social media has dramatically increased the level of exposure to issues such as reputational risk, IP leakage, and copyright infringement for organizations. In short, social media have created a minefield for HR.

This unique tool introduces new complexity, even legal risks, to compliance with hiring practices that need to be explored. Areas covered in the seminar:

Social media facts and realities.

The challenge to hierarchical relationships.

A need to know or not.

Does saying no and blocking use really work?

There is always a risk to anything new, but there are also great benefits.

Practical use and common sense.

Practical solutions for countering inquiring minds and information traps.

Finding a balance through effective policy.

An effective social media program: what does that mean?

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