A Look into OSHA

Episode 70

A Look into OSHA's Most Recent Costly Citations

In this episode, Editor Sydny Shepard rounds up the most costly and serious citations OSHA has doled out in the last year.

In this episode, we are talking all about OSHA's most costly and serious violations in the last year. Editor Sydny Shepard discusses the most expensive penalties levied against a construction company in New Jersey after five investigations at five seperate worksites, as well as other cases in which costly fines were issued due to a lack of protection against fall hazards. In the end, we discuss OSHA investigations, violations and citations that were a result of serious injury or amputation on the job. 

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About the Authors

Sydny Shepard is the Editor of Occupational Health & Safety.

Shereen Hashem is the Associate Content Editor for Occupational Health & Safety magazine.

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