Are You Ready for Hurricane Season? Start with OSHA’s Hurricane Page

Hurricane season typically lasts from June to November, and there are already some big storms on the way. Make sure you are refreshed on hurricane and disaster preparedness, response and recovery methods, and read OSHA’s page to start.

OSHA’s Hurricane Preparedness and Response page is a useful tool for natural disaster response methods—whether you are a new or experienced safety professional.

Hurricanes are a form of tropical cyclone that cause severe damage and devastation to communities. Their wind speeds can reach 74 miles per hour or higher, and they can rip through neighborhoods, workplaces and cities in a short period of time.

While hurricanes are devastating to citizens on a personal level, it is no surprise they can be devastating to workplaces, businesses and organizations. OSHA’s hurricane page provides information on hurricane warnings, hazards that hurricanes cause and precautions that workers and employers should take after a hurricane has occurred.

The Preparedness page “outlines the warnings and watches used for hurricanes, including the five categories used to rate the strength of a hurricane. The page also contains information on creating evacuation plans and supply kits.”

The Response/Recovery page “features a link to OSHA’s Hurricane eMatrix, which features information on hazard exposures and risk assessments for hurricane response and recovery work. The information in the matrix is organized based on the types of activities performed so that it is easy for workers to identify the precautions they should take based on the tasks they will be performing.”

OSHA and NOAA are currently working jointly on a public education effort aimed at improving the way people prepare for and respond to severe weather in general. This page will also help businesses and their workers prepare for and respond to hurricanes so as to minimize loss.

OSHA also provides a handful of additional resources for severe weather and hurricane response. Employers are responsible for their workers’ overall safety, including their environmental and psychological health.

Check out the page to improve your disaster response programs and prepare for hurricane season—as it is already here.

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