Oregon OSHA Plans to 'Shine a Light on Safety'

Employers across Oregon are encouraged to celebrate workplace safety and health with award programs, trainings, and other special events during the eighth-annual Safety Break for Oregon on May 12, 2010.

Oregon’s Occupational Safety and Health Division (Oregon OSHA) coordinates the one-day event, which is designed to raise awareness and promote the value of workplace safety and health in preventing injuries and illnesses. The voluntary event is designed to be flexible to meet an employer’s safety and health program needs.

“My hope is that businesses across Oregon will get involved with Safety Break to celebrate their safety and health achievements, but also to focus attention on problems that aren’t solved yet,” said Michael Wood, Oregon OSHA administrator. “It’s a great time to talk about hazards, host a training event, or promote the value of safety in the workplace.”

The theme for this year’s event, “Shine a Light on Safety,” encourages employees and management to work together on safety and health concerns. The result of this cooperation can lead to fewer injuries and reduced workers’ compensation costs for employers, noted Oregon OSHA. Companies planning to participate can sign up online. For more information, visit the Safety Break for Oregon Web site at www.orosha.org/subjects/safetybreak.html.

Industrial Hygiene Product Showcase

  • BAND V2 Wearable Heat Monitor/Alert

    BAND V2 Wearable Heat Monitor/Alert

    Need help with your heat program to meet the OSHA Heat-related Hazards NEP? The SlateSafety BAND V2 arm-worn monitor provides 24/7 connected real-time monitoring of heart rate, exertion levels, and core temperature. BAND V2 alerts workers and OH&S professionals before heat exposure injuries occur. Tough to withstand harsh environments, yet comfortable for workers and easy to use for you, BAND V2 can optimize work/rest cycles, promoting safety and productivity. Its powerful web-based platform and the new Go Mobile App helps you connect and protect workers from heat stress in real-time. Visit SKC at AIHce Booth 601 for a demo! 3

  • Donaldson iCue™ Connected Filtration Monitoring

    Donaldson iCue™ Connected Filtration Monitoring

    Donaldson's iCue™ Connected Filtration Monitoring technology is designed to remotely monitor a facility’s dust, fume, and mist collection equipment and provide operational insights. When connected to your facility’s dust collection system, the iCue service, can track three sets of operational data relevant to EHS professionals including differential pressure (dP), particulate trend monitoring, and relative airflow. The iCue connected filtration service monitors all three conditions and provides real-time data for accurate compliance reporting. 3

  • Halo™ Eye/Face Wash Provides Greatest Washdown

    Halo™ Eye/Face Wash Provides Greatest Washdown

    Bradley’s Halo™ eye and eye/face wash arms users with the most effective emergency relief available in the industry. Halo provides 20 percent better protection than any other model on the market. With a more uniform and complete spray pattern distribution, and exclusive features that increase hygiene, users attain the greatest contaminant relief and protection available. Using the latest technology in fluid dynamics, Halo works in tandem with a pressure regulated flow control and the spinning motion of water, which creates an optimal spray pattern to rinse off contaminants quickly and thoroughly, ensuring the most effective flush available. 3