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workplace violence

Podcast: Workplace Violence

Feb 23, 2010

Patrick Fiel, public safety advisor with ADT, discusses the recent incidents of workplace violence and how organizations can create a safer environment for employees.

Duration: 7:41

this is the logo of Joint Commission Resources 2009 Flu Vaccination Challenge

2009 Flu Vaccination Challenge Begins

Aug 18, 2009

With a very challenging flu season ahead, year two of the Joint Commission Resources' Flu Vaccination Challenge has a goal of building on last year's success at raising the flu vaccination rate among U.S. health care workers.

Duration: 3:30

Jerry Laws

Unlucky 13: Management Practices to Avoid

Aug 12, 2009

Aubrey C. Daniels, Ph.D., a renowned expert on worker behavior and culture, recently published his fifth book, OOPS! 13 Management Practices that Waste Time and Money (and what to do instead). In it, he highlights typical actions by managers that undercut their goals and limit their success.

Duration: 8:13

Savvy Companies Prepping Now for GHS

Jun 08, 2009

OH&S Editor, Jerry Laws, interviewed Kim Stier, president of SiteHawk, at the 2009 American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo, about the expected impact of GHS and why now is the time to prepare for it.

Duration: 4:57

Expert Advises Employers to Offer 'Flu Benefit'

Jun 08, 2009

In this OH&S podcast, Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez discusses the possibility of developing a vaccine against influenza A(H1N1) and says employers should prepare for having 30 percent of their workers unavailable because of flu.

Duration: 18:40

Kirstin Downey: The Life of Frances Perkins

OH&S editor Jerry Laws interviews Kirstin Downey, author of a new book that offers a revealing portrait of the most influential U.S. Labor secretary in history, Frances Perkins, and how she shaped the major labor and workplace safety laws enacted during the early years of Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency.