Understanding Human Factors and the Impact on Safety

Oct 29, 2019

10:30 am - 11:30 am

Carly Baez

Carly Baez

2019-2020 President

Arizona Chapter American Society of Safety Professionals

We design our workplaces with the most well-intentioned efforts to improve safety, yet incidents still occur. We need to look beyond the standards, the controls, the safety policies, and safety training…we need to look at ourselves as humans and know that number one, we are far from perfect and number two, our emotions and what goes on in our every day lives can impact our day in a positive or negative way.

In this session Carly will discuss the different states of mind, our habits and the impact they have on our behavior. We will also discuss management’s role. As a leader, how do your actions motivate your employees? What are the ways in which you can support your employees by recognizing the different states of mind? Finally, how do we put it all together and where do we apply it?