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Predictive Analytics How to Maximize Your Return on Investment from Your Safety Software System

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This webinar occured on:  June 13, 2013

Many companies have invested in software systems to help them improve their safety programs. However, are these companies really getting a solid, quantifiable return on that investment? It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish with this software. Are you trying to just automate your safety function to create efficiencies, or are you trying to predict and prevent workplace safety incidents before they occur? Predictive analytics is being deployed successfully across other business functions, come hear how it can be applied to safety.

We’ll also review the different ways Return on Investment (ROI) can be measured and communicated to upper management. More and more, CEO’s understand that good safety is just plain good business. We’ve heard many top executives say things like “if you can’t do safety, you can’t do quality, or on-time delivery, or even have a strong business culture”. We will discuss the various levels of ROI associated with safety software investments from automation, to efficiency, to safety incident prediction and prevention. Don’t miss this opportunity to see if you are getting all you need from your safety software investment, or if something might be missing.

REGISTER Below to view the ONDemand Version 
This webinar occured on:  June 13, 2013


Griffin Schultz, General Manager, Predictive Solutions Corporation

Griffin Schultz is responsible for all aspects of Predictive Solutions’ business (formerly known as DBO2) – a subsidiary of Industrial Scientific Corporation. Predictive Solutions’ vision is to end death on the job, in this century. Its strategy to achieve this vision is to predict workplace safety incidents, so they can be prevented. Griffin has an MBA from the Wharton School and has extensive experience applying technology solutions to business functions in order to create game-changing results. He can be reached at gschultz@predictivesolutions.com or 412-490-1996.

Duration: 1 Hour