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    Presto Lifts Inc.


    Hydraulic Floor Level Lift

    Ergonomic XZ Series hydraulic floor-level lifts from Presto Lifts Inc. can handle loads of up to 6,000 pounds. They’re useful in all of the usual lift-table applications (assembly, maintenance, palletizing, etc.) and can be easily loaded/unloaded with an ordinary hand pallet truck. The platform of an XZ lift lowers to floor level, leaving the pan-style platform no more than half an inch above the floor for easy roll on/roll off. Accessible from all four sides, XZ lifts rise to a height of just over 35 inches to minimize bending and lifting. A bright, yellow 6-inch flexible strip is mounted to the lip of the platform to protect against toe injuries.

      Vi-Cas Manufacturing

      Vacuum Cups

      Vacuum Cups

      Vi-Cas Manufacturing offers a range of vacuum cups for ergonomic lifters of all types and sizes. Round, rectangular or oval cups are available from stock for immediate shipment for a variety of lift manufacturers including Cynergy Ergonomics, Indutrol and others. The company offers various sizes and types of cups to fit virtually any type of vacuum equipment used for lifting, manipulating or pick and place applications. Accessories such as vacuum valves, swivel joints and level compensators can increase the productivity and energy efficiency of lifting systems.

        Benko Products Inc.

        Portable Transloading Platform

        Portable Transloading Platform

        The GREEN Access and Fall Protection line by Benko Products announces the Portable Transloading Platform for transloading needs. The platform is ideal for use in the petroleum and crude oil markets and provides a safe mobile access solution for transloading operations, either truck-to-rail or rail-to-truck. The unit can be customized to provide access to two rolling vehicles simultaneously and when in use, the operator lowers the gangway and is protected from falls for safe access to the top of the vehicle. 



          The patent-pending SafePro Power Hatch Lift is designed to safely lock or unlock and open or close a roof hatch lid automatically with the push of a button on its wireless remote, thereby eliminating the risk of falling or serious injury. The device will automatically self-close so fall protection is maintained.

            JLG Industries Inc.


            With the new JLG® 619A and 723A models, JLG Industries Inc. has expanded its offering of compact telehandlers that are designed for use in landscaping, construction, and agricultural. The 619A provides nearly 6,000 pounds of capacity at a height of 19 feet, while the 723A allows nearly 7,000 pounds at 23 feet.

              Capital Safety

              All-Purpose Connector

              The new Saflok Max™ all-purpose connector from Capital Safety is designed to reduce equipment costs by giving the user more tie-off options without the need for additional anchorage connectors. Its new snap hook features a rectangular body and three-inch gate opening that provides a direct connection to a variety of larger anchor points.

                Hyster Co.

                Lift Trucks

                Hyster Co.'s newest line of electric lift trucks, the E45-70XN, is geared toward operator ease. The ergonomically improved compartment has a relocated dash display for enhanced visibility and pallet control, and a redesigned hood provides maximum battery service access to reduce downtime.

                  Summit Training Source Inc.

                  Back Safety

                  Summit Training Source's Back Safety: Lift for Life Video/DVD training program is filmed on site in multiple settings to show a wide variety of real-life scenarios. The program covers common back injuries, proper posture, hazard reduction, safe lifting, and other risk management factors.

                    ARC Products

                    Patient Transport

                    ARC Products' Med Sled uses a "roll and drag" method that is designed to eliminate heavy lifting while transporting patients down a stairwell. The product is made from a rigid plastic that ensures stabilization and limits flexing when moving a patient. Its braking system allows for safe and controlled descents.

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